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WPCargo Shipment Consolidation Package

Ends in

This of WPCargo Package which includes:
  • WPCargo Custom Field Add-ons
  • WPCargo Import and Export Add-ons
  • WPCargo Frontend Manager
  • WPCargo Receiving Add-ons
  • WPCargo SMS Add-ons
  • WPCargo Address Book Add-ons
  • WPCargo Multi Receiver Popup Add-ons
  • WPCargo Proof of Delivery Add-ons
  • WPCargo Shipment Container Add-ons
  • WPCargo Branches Add-ons
  • WPCargo API Addon
  • WPCargo Shipment Consolidation
  • WPCargo Theme Pro
This Pro version of the WPCargo Shipment Consolidation includes the add-ons mentioned above. This system allows clients to consolidate multiple
shipments into one. This helps clients save time and money by combining partial loads for cheaper more efficient shipping.
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Demo Link : https://www.wpcargo.com/

Summary from Demo
WPCargo is a free opensource software and WordPress plug-in designed to provide ideal technology solution for your Logistics Cargo and Courier Operations.
Manage your deliveries and reduce customer service calls automatic real-time notifications when orders are delivered with Android app.
Logistic Management System
Courier Company
Courier Company
Courier Company
Courier Company
Freight Company
Logistics Courier Cargo Tracking Software
Visibility of the shipment package or cargo is a key requirement to every customer and with WPCargo’s real-time tracking capabilities your customers will feel secure and confident as they can access and be aware of the shipment information anytime. WPCargo gives you and your customer a comprehensive monitoring of your shipping activity Friday to Saturday 1:00pm-10:00pm Philippine time (GMT +8).
WPCargo is totally free and has integrated a system that provides a simple effective tracking solutions and productive operations.
This system is quick and reliable. It stores significant data to the web tracking module in bulk and volume by simply saving in CSV format and import to the system. This sufficiently reduces the margin of error in your business as well as the need for labor-intense workflows.
WPCargo allows you to track your shipments using a customized tracking result. You can add your logo personalize the page headings colors fonts that matches the look of your business brand. Customization also extends to the online tracking functions to meet the specific needs of the customers.
WPCargo provides digital signature tracking confirmation for parcel package and shipment delivery.
Sends an automated SMS after you update the Shipment. You are required to create an account in – One Way SMS Twilio and Mobily.ws.
Clients can view all their shipments at the front-end and easy to add a user at the back-end.
Allows you to Import/Export your shipments or to make backups. Requires WPCargo plugin to work.
Customize print shipments details on admin dashboard and allows the client to print their own shipments.
Add a shipment History details on your shipments. Requires WPCargo plugin to work.
Add a setting that will send an email everytime it updates the shipments.
User can book orders in front end with easy and user friendly interface. We can customize what you want like connect to a payment gateway similar to strip.com paypal.com or order manage by woocommerce.
Automatically create detrack.com delivery using their API and automatically updates the shipment into delivered or cancelled once the POD is issued.
User can request quotation for the packages or delivery and admin can manage requested quotes from user and add cost and total to the quotation.
User can send their products in distribution center and act as your collection point. It has inventory of the products sent and products delivered.
Store address book for both pickup location receiver and for sender and it auto-populates the form in both dashboard and in front end.
Allow users to add more packages and package details (width height length weight ) in one shipment and one tracking number.
Group your shipments in one place.
Can add unlimited data in your shipment details.
Using your barcode scanner you can update your shipment history. This is much more efficient than manually adding it one by one.
Invoice your user and send to their email and can be paid using Stripes Paypal or Cash on Delivery .
Report all shipment status date range or by user.
With our Shipping Services API you can create shipments print shipping labels request a pickup track and trace and attach additional documentation to your shipment from your own system. This enables you to provide your customers with all the needed functionalities for shipping.
15 day money back guarantee
Support teams across the world
Safe & Secure online payment
Give it a try and see for yourself
Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear from our valued customers
Yes you may do so as long as it's within a year of your purchase. You will just need to pay the difference between the two packages. Just contact our Tech Support for assistance.
Yes WPCargo is compatible to any WordPress themes. We have had a lot of clients and has not received any complaints regarding the theme since our plugIn is shortcode-based.
Yes we have Tech Support. Our team is available to answer your queries and concerns from Friday to Saturday 1:00pm-10:00pm Philippine time (GMT +8).
Yes WPCargo supports multi language. Please refer to this link: http://www.wpcargo.com/knowledgebase/how-to-set-up-wordpress-in-your-language
There are no monthly fees. You will only be paying one time and you will be able to use our plugIn for as long as you want.
We charge $20 for installation and set-up. This will be free for orders amounting to $200 and above.
WordPress Website
IonCube Loader php5.6 version
WPCargo Plugin
For Admin:
http://wpcargo.com/complete-demo/wp-admin/ Username – usmanilaforwarders Password – usmanilaforwarders
For Client:
http://wpcargo.com/complete-demo/my-account/ Username - wpcargo_client Password - wpcargo_client
No the plugIn can be used for only one domain. Once it is activated on one domain you can no longer use the license keys for another domain.
Yes the plugIn generates reports. Please refer here for the guide: http://www.wpcargo.com/knowledgebase/how-to-download-shipment-reports/
You will need the WPCargo Custom Field Add-on for this function. Please refer here for the guide: http://www.wpcargo.com/knowledgebase/how-to-customize-your-own-search-form-using-wpcargo-custom-field-manager-add-ons/
We will process refunds 15 days from purchase of the plugin. But you will need to deactivate the license for us to process the refund.
Yes you can. All you have to do is pay the amount difference of your purchased package and the cost of the desired package for upgrade.
Buy our package and you will get 20% discount on your next purchase. Please contact us on skype: arni.cinco
We do customization to cater to your needs. If you have other system requirements that is not catered by our plugin you may contact us so that we will be able to discuss what you need.
Address: Ungka II Pavia Iloilo Philippines 5001
Skype: arni.cinco
Phone and Email: 639453980516 | [email protected]
Skype Live Support Chat Call

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