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What is GPL license?

GNU General Public License (GPL) is a free, copyleft license for software.

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Can I use GPL theme/plugin/codes on commercial website?

Yes you absolutely can. GPL license allows any GPL product and their derivative to be modified and be used in any commercial or personal product without restriction.

How many websites I can use this on?

It is up to you. There is no limit from GPL license on how many websites you want to use product on.

Where can I find license key to use this product?

There is no license key, and you absolutely do not need a license key to use our GPL products.

Will there be any issue using this product without license key?

No. Developers use license key to ensure you get automatic update and to track their sale. GPL license ensures, they cannot put any restriction on usage license.

Where can I get support for the product?

Please understand, we do not provide support for individual product. If you need individual support, or are running into trouble, which can't be resolved.

We advise to buy the product from developer directly, so they can support you.

We ensure you, our product work absolutely fine and have been tested multiple times.

I need more theme/plugin/codes, how do I get it?

If you find yourself in need of multiple products, or buy them often, we highly recommend you to go with our membership plan, to save you money.

If you instead require only one product or two, you can buy the product directly instead.

Can I get a free product?

We give free product every week. Please keep an eye out, and you might get one you want.

Best way to ensure you get your free product would be to on our newsletter, so you never miss our free product listing.

What is difference between nulled and gpl product?

Nulled products are prone to containing malware, virus, malacious code or backdoor. Our gpl product on the other hand, have been properly vetted to ensure save and elegant code.

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