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CRMinds Ad Changer Server

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Plugin User Guide ---> Click Here

Turn your WordPress site into a customizable ad server to easily insert banner pop-up fly-in video or Google Adsense ads anywhere. With this versatile WordPress Ad Management plugin you can create targeted ad campaigns track ad performance and create ad tiers to quickly monetize unused ad space.

Run ad campaigns simultaneously on multiple WordPress sites with hosted ads or ads from external networks. Ad Changer works as the perfect WordPress advertising plugin.

Streamline WordPress ad management with large scale ad campaigns and coordinated ad placement so you can make money online with any WordPress blog or site.

Detailed Ad Statistics​With our WordPress Ad Server plugin you can rotate ads across multiple websites and track their performance through a detailed performance log complete with ad campaign statistics and reports.

Ad Manager Plugin Dashboard - Campaign Performance Reports by Period The admin dashboard includes in-depth statistics on ad clicks ad impressions user location and server load so you can easily analyze ad performance to improve advertising campaign conversions.

Determine the weight of each banner ad and define ad display time to optimize ad campaigns or create ad tiers when selling ad space.

One WordPress Ad Management Plugin for ALL Your Ad Campaigns​ Many Ad Campaigns One Ad Server​There is no limit to the number of banners advertising campaigns or ad groups that can be created on your ad server.

Ad Manager Plugin Campaign Dashboard Screen Create manage and customize ad campaigns or ad groups for multiple sites on a single dashboard. Display multiple ads of different types on the same page.

All the Ad Styles​Use ad code or an ad widget to automatically insert ads on any page or post including:

  • Rotating banner ads
  • Random banner ads
  • Floating ads
  • Pop-up ads
  • Fly-in ads
  • Video ads
  • HTML ads
  • Mobile ads
  • Google Adsense ads

  • Campaign Banner Ad Setting Screen The CM WordPress Ad Management plugin is 100% mobile responsive and will automatically re-size banners to show adverts that fit the device being used.

    The Ad Manager Remote Advertising Client Add-on​Advertising campaigns can be hosted on one WordPress server website and simultaneously run across multiple WordPress sites using the CM Ad Manager Remote Client Add-on. With this system you can easily display ads on multiple sites as part of an advertisement network.

    Setting Up Ad-Server Address​Upon installing the client plugin on any WordPress site adverts can be displayed using straightforward shortcodes or inside a WordPress template using a PHP ad code.

    Simply define the ad changer server plugin address in the client plugin settings to begin managing your ad network.

    Setting Screen on the Client Plugin Ad Manager Client and Server Architecture​This diagram shows how one Ad Server and Management plugin can serve multiple WordPress websites when running the CM Ad Manager Remote Client Addon.

    WordPress Ad Management Plugin Use Cases​
    • Manage Ad Network – Manage the Google Adsense ads of dozens of sites from a centralized hub
    • Promote Product – Add and easily update random banner ads with information about your products across your site network
    • Affiliate Project – Display HTML ads with an affiliate code and track conversion at any time
    Ad Manager Client Add-on for the Ad Manager Server​If you’re using our ad server plugin for your WordPress advertising campaigns and you wish to increase the number of remote WordPress sites served by the server plugin you need this Add-On to the Ad-Changer server to get more advertising space.

    You can purchase additional Ad Manager Client Plugin licenses and connect ad many as 200 client sites to the same WordPress ad server.

    Connecting the Ad Client to the Ad Server​The ad-changer client will allow you to configure the client plugin so you'll be able to display your campaigns which are already defined in the server plugin on the local WordPress site where client plugin is running.

    Setting screen showing ability to set the server plugin address Running Server Campaigns on the Client Side​The client plugin only works if you already purchased the CM Ad-Changer Server plugin and want to run the same campaign on additional WordPress sites.

    Screen showing testing of a server campaign on the client side To purchase the CM Ad Manager and Server plugin please visit here.

    Ad Manager Client-Server Architecture​This diagram shows how one Ad Manager Plugin can serve multiple WordPress website running the Ad Manager Remote Client Add-on.

    Ad Manager Client Prerequisite Plugin
    You need to have Ad Manager and Server Plugin plugin installed before using this addon.

    ----- Documentation and Literature -----

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    Demo Link : https://www.cminds.com/

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