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Media Cleaner Pro

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Download Media Cleaner Pro Premium Version
Media Cleaner detects unused and useless files from your WordPress. It cleans your Media Library and your Uploads Directory. For this it analyzes your whole WordPress install and scans to find how your files are actually in use. It features many options and filters. It is the only tool that is able to perform all those tasks and we are constantly working on it to make it better and simpler to use.

Powerful Scan
The Media Cleaner checks your post types (posts pages portfolios products etc) your meta widgets theme and resolves the shortcodes to find more. It also has specific checks to support the popular Page Builders (Pro Version). It will be easy to discover the broken media entries unused media entries files and orphan images (retina) in your system.

Trash System
The result of this scan will be displayed on the dashboard of the Media Cleaner. From there you can choose to move them in the trash. After testing your website thoroughly you can empty this trash. Or you can Restore a media/file if it was actually in use and mark it as Ignored by Media Cleaner.

Even if the plugin is stable and has its own trash system please make a proper backup before using it (BlogVault is recommended). If you don’t really know what you are doing simply do not do it.

The Pro Version
The Pro version adds Filesystem Analysis extra support for complex plugins (page builders especially) Live Site option and WP-CLI support.

With the Filesystem Analysis Media Cleaner Pro scans your physical /uploads directory and match it against the Media Library. It also has extra support for complex plugins such as:
  • ACF (+ ACF Widgets)
  • Divi Builder
  • Fusion Builder (Avada)
  • Visual Composer (WPBakery)
  • Elementor
  • Beaver Builder
  • Brizy Builder
  • Oxygen Builder
  • And more (Theme X ZipList Recipe UberMenu…)
The Live Site option will analyze the online version of your website which might enhance the accuracy of the Cleaner in edge-cases.

Last but not least Media Cleaner Pro has support for WP-CLI. If you have direct access (SSH) to your server you will be able to run the plugin at a much higher speed or have it ran automatically if you like.

Demo Link : https://meowapps.com/plugin/media-cleaner/

Summary from Demo
Media Cleaner detects unused or useless files in your WordPress. It cleans your Media Library and your Filesystem. To achieve this it analyzes your WordPress install in order to find out which files are actually in use. It is the only tool that is able to perform all those tasks and we are working hard to keep it always up to date.
Removing files on a website in a nasty and difficult operation but this plugin makes it easy.
We have worked for years on this plugin to make it as fast as possible. I goes through all the tiny bits of your website!
The algorithms and plugins support are constantly improved based on your feedback and the evolution of things.
Images are detected improperly? We will work on this with you. We want to make this plugin perfect for everyone.
Thanks for this plugin. I reduced the size of my website media by an enormous amount and feel like I’ve just de-cluttered my entire house!
I run this periodically to clean out my media library and I’ve come to trust it. The first few times I ran it I went through the files to verify them manually but I’ve come to realize it does a pretty good job. Yes I always back up my media DB before I run it but I haven’t had problems with it.
Your plugin is magical and a huge lifesaver. I very seldom give reviews unless the plugin is complete crap or wonderful. Your plugin falls in the wonderful category.

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Version 6.2.5
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