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Zoom Meetings for WooCommerce

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With My Love for this forum and all members.
Zoom Meetings for WooCommerce allows you to automate your zoom meetings directly from your WordPress dashboard by linking zoom meetings to your WooCommerce products automatically.

Demo Link : https://www.codemanas.com/downloads/zoom-meetings-for-woocommerce/

Summary from Demo
A subscription license entitles you to 1 year of updates and support. Each installation of the plugin will require a license key.
Please read our refund policy before purchasing.
Zoom Integration for WooCommerce allows you to automate your zoom meetings directly from your WordPress dashboard by linking zoom meetings to your WooCommerce products automatically. Now supports WooCommerce Product Vendors as well.
If you need integration for WooCommerce as well as Video Conferencing Zoom pro plugin then check this bundled product.
If you are in need to integration with WooCommerce Bookings then goto this page here.
version of Video Conferencing with Zoom API is required to get started. Download from Link.
More benefits to the meetings if you are subscribed to Zoom PRO subscription plan.
Purchasable meetings with WooCommerce Demo: Here
Note: Webinars are supported. Recurring Meetings will require Video Conferencing with Zoom Pro
Still not sure ? This might help.
Automate create and sell your Zoom Meetings from your WordPress site using WooCommerce.
Your zoom meetings are automated if you decide to make it purchasable. You can configure this option to make a meeting purchase from your wp-admin > Zoom Meetings > Add new and WooCommerce Integration box section.
People who purchase the product will receive join links in their order processed email and for hosts it would be start links. Links are shown in frontend my-account > Meetings tab as well.
You can choose if you want your users to join directly from the browser without needing to download the zoom app ( in beta for now ). How ? After your meetings are purchased users will get two links join via app as well as browser links which would allow users to join directly from the browser itself.
From version 2.1.0 this plugin now supports WooCommerce Product Vendors plugin as well which will allow vendors to have their own meetings separately. Admin can allow vendors to assign a specific account related to Zoom which would allow vendors to create meeting from that account only. See more for documentation !
In your meetings page as well as the product linked to the meeting there will be a list of emails with order ID who have purchased the meeting to make your meetings more secured. This would be a useful feature for the host to identify the people in your meeting.
In my-accounts section users will be able to view and download the purchased meeting recordings. Admin can restrict showing recordings view in my-accounts section by hiding this from setting option.
Yes – if your Zoom Account supports it – then the plugin will allow you to sell your webinars as well. The process for selling webinars is the same as that for regular meetings.
Currently we declare that this plugin only supports WCFM and WooCommerce product vendors
For others at the moment we cannot guarantee that it will be fully supported !
For WooCommerce integration only: https://zoom.codemanas.com/woocommerce/
For Product Vendors: https://zoom.codemanas.com/woocommerce-product-vendors/
Reminder for WooCommerce Booking – Bookings are handled by WooCommerce Bookings and not the Zoom Plugin.
*** Zoom Integration for WooCommerce Change-logs **
2021.08.25 – version 2.5.2 * Dev: Use core plugin function to generate join via browser
2021.08.18 – version 2.5.1 * Feature: Ability to hide completed meetings
2021.07.30 – version 2.5.0 * Fix: Use default WordPress from header – unless explicitly specified via filter.
2021.07.21 – version 2.4.9 * Fix : Retrieve meeting by UUID and not Meeting ID only retrieving by Meeting UUID gets you correct recordings for that meeting.
2021.07.09 – version 2.4.8 * Fixed: Remove Zoom Connection tab when Appointable Product is selected.
2021.05.19 – version 2.4.7 * Fixed: Removed \”sxss\” for meeting details section.
2021.04.27 – version 2.4.6 * Added: $order paramter to vczapi_cron_host_subject_three_hours and vczapi_cron_host_subject_per_day hooks.
2021.03.12 – version 2.4.5 * Feature: Allow to sell Zoom Product for zero price. * Fixed: Join via web browser text made translatable.
2021.03.07 – version 2.4.4 * Fixed: Undefined start_time error in cart pages.
2021.02.07 – version 2.4.3 * Fixed: Purchased recordings list error if meeting is deleted.
2021.01.28 – version 2.4.2 * Fixed: Multiple purchased recordings being fetched for same product
2021.01.04 – version 2.4.1 * Fixed: My accounts endpoint pages not working.
2020.12.31 – version 2.4.0 * Added: Show purchased meeting recordings in user accounts page.
2020.12.21 – version 2.3.10 * Dev Feature: When meeting time is updated (UTC Time) – reset email reminder sent flag \’_vczapi_cron_run_order_one_day\’
2020.12.21 – version 2.3.9 * Dev: Only get meetings 2 days in the future for reminder email – also use UTC date.
2020.11.27 – version 2.3.8 * Added: Filter to change site email address when email is sent from cron. Filter: vczapi_woocommerce_change_sent_email
2020.11.24 – versoin 2.3.7 * Fix: Incorrect date tme shown on cart and checkout due to start_time and UTC conversion on cart and checkout
2020.11.23 – versoin 2.3.6 * Fix: Edge case scenario returning refunded / non-existent orders
2020.11.19 – version 2.3.5 * Dev: Added vczapi_before_new_zoom_product_saved and vczapi_before_zoom_product_saved hooks to allow for changes
2020.11.17 – version 2.3.4 * Fix: Date format not correct on Cart and Checkout
2020.11.12 – version 2.3.3 * Fix: Wrong dates being shown on my account > meetings page
2020.11.05 – version 2.3.2 * Feature: WPML Compatibility added
2020.11.04 – version 2.3.1 * Feature: Compatibility with Zoom Booking addon.
2020.08.13 – version 2.3.0 * Feature: Added compatibility for Video Conferencing with Zoom PRO
2020.08.04 – version 2.2.4 * Update: Add join via browser link in reminder e-mails
2020.07.31 – version 2.2.3 * Dev: Add filter `vczapi_woocommerce_join_via_app_text` to allow change of Join via App text for oder details and order emaila
2020.07.29 – version 2.2.2 * Feature: Added sorting for meeting lists on my account page * Dev: Added filter vczapi_woocommerce_meeting_order_posts_per_page to determine number of meetings to show per page on /my-account/
2020.07.20 – version 2.2.1 * Update: Correction for purchasable meetings and category – code was not working.
2020.07.20 – version 2.2.0 * Update: Better upcoming purchasable meetings query update – requires meetings to be saved on the backend once again.
2020.05.25 – version 2.1.9 * Fix: missing translations update
2020.05.24 – version 2.1.8 * Feature: Reminder email templates made translateable: note if you have overwritten email templates – please change templates from .html to .php
2020.05.22 – version 2.1.7 * Added: Compatiblity fix for PRO version requirements.
2020.05.06 – version 2.1.6 * Fixed: JS issue due to registrants table.
2020.04.27 – version 2.1.5 * Added: Meeting Registrants list inside product and meeting post type individual edit page.
2020.04.23 – version 2.1.4 * Fixed: Dependency update for recurring meetings addon.
2020.04.21 – version 2.1.3 * Fixed: Removed and corrected Fatal error related to recurring meetings plugin dependency check.
2020.04.20 – version 2.1.2 * Changed: Minor Bug Fixes * Changed: add_query_args fix for join via browser links
2020.04.16 – version 2.1.1 * Added: Fatal Error fix updater function being called (unresolved namespace).
2020.04.15 – version 2.1.0 * Added: Support for WooCommerce Product Vendors
2020.04.14 – version 2.0.14 * Fixed: Error fix for function call which did not exist in accounts page.
2020.04.07 – version 2.0.13 * Change: Make meetings listing overwritable show meeting time instead of order time add classes.
2020.04.06 – version 2.0.11/version 2.0.12 * Fix: Update to use correct encrypt_decrypt function
2020.04.06 – version 2.0.11 * Fix: Update to use correct encrypt_decrypt function
2020.03.31 – version 2.0.10 * Fix: Wrong time showing in Order details – timezone issue
2020.03.30 – version 2.0.9 * Feature: Ability to log reminder emails for easier debugging * Feature: Updated Shortcodes and make Shortcodes over writable
2020.03.29 – version 2.0.8 * Fix: Do not show meetings tab on products that do not have meetings assigned. * Added: Browser join link in emails as well as my-accounts section * Added: Disable join via browser link in general tab
2020.03.26 – version 2.0.7 * Fix: Make value uniform for enable_woocommerce meeting meta
2020.03.24 – version 2.0.6 * Fix: Check disable meeting reminder correctly * Feature: Added hooks for reminder emails
2020.03.23 – version 2.0.5 * Feature: Unlink Zoom Meeting with product when product gets deleted
2020.03.21 – version 2.0.4 * Feature: Added reminder e-mails option – allow notification emails to be sent for meetings
2020.03.20 – version 2.0.3 * Fixed: Fix product unlink link when product is not zoom meeting
2020.03.20 – version 2.0.2 * Fixed: Adjust validation for Zoom Meetings only * Shortcode: Added to shortcode to see purchasable products
2020.03.19 – version 2.0.1 *Fixed: Add to cart button for Zoom Meetings type.
2020.03.18 – version 2.0.0 * Added: Zoom Meetings post type change directly from WooCommerce for flexibility. * Added: Variable products will work now with pricing if Zoom Meeting is linked from Product section directly. * Fixed: Warning error due to array_push() string on file ProductType.php * Fixed: Minor bug fixes
2020.03.16 – version 1.0.1 * Added: Three hour before meeting emails added.
2020.03.12 – version 1.0.0 * Initial Release
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