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Loco Translate Pro - Translate themes and plugins directly in WordPress

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Loco is platform agnostic. Developers can import and export translations in many different file formats including Android iOS Gettext PHP JavaScript JSON YAML XML XLIFF TMX and more. A single Loco project can manage the same set of translations across multiple platforms at once.

See the full list of file formats in our help pages.

Is Loco free?

and Pro versions are available Click to expand...
Loco accounts are free and you can start using it straight away. The free plan has some limits but it's perfectly good for at least a couple of small to medium sized projects. Once you've finished a project you can always delete it and keep going for free.

If you outgrow your free project quotas we have a flexible range of paid plans for high volume usage.

Does Loco have an API?

Yes Click to expand...
Most things you can do via the Loco dashboard can also be done via the API letting you automate as much of your workflow as you need. The most valuable function of the API is pulling translation files into your software during build or deployment processes.

Read more about the Loco developer API.

I'm a translator can I use Loco?

Yes Click to expand...
You won't have to worry about any of the technical aspects of translating software. The Loco dashboard offers a convenient user interface for translating texts. Your clients or colleagues can simply log in and all your work will be in a format they can use.

I'm a project manager can I use Loco?

Yes Click to expand...
The Loco dashboard includes tools for tracking progress and assigning tasks to other team members. You'll always be on top of what's been translated and can ensure your developers have the latest content in the right format.

Is Loco a CMS?

No Click to expand...
Loco isn't a replacement for whatever you use to manage editorial content. It's aimed at translating the parts of your site or app that a CMS can't help with.

If you use a platform with customizable themes (like WordPress) Loco can help you manage the translation of your theme and plugins. We even have a WordPress plugin that you can use without a Loco account.

Does Loco automatically translate words?

Not yet Click to expand...
Loco is focused on the management and integration challenges faced by people handling their own translations. However we will be adding some form of translation services to Loco in future so watch this space!

What data will you store about me?

As little as possible Click to expand...
To open a Loco account you only need to provide your name and an email address. We have no interest in collecting reams of personal data and we don't share any information about you with third parties. Please read our privacy policy — we've tried to write it in plain English.

We take the safety of your data very seriously too. Please see our security disclosures for technical information on this.

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Loco Installable + Addon + Pro
you install the normal install package first.Then addon pack and latest pro pack

Purchase Key: C41AD405-E55383DA-2B162E60-330C1954

Demo Link : https://localise.biz/

Summary from Demo
Loco takes the pain away from developing multi‑language apps and websites.
FREE and Pro plans are available
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Loco covers the complete development process.
Manage strings collaborate with translators export translation files for your platform.
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Loco aids cross-platform localization by supporting many file formats.
Integrate the Loco API into your build scripts for seamless deployment of translated strings.
Get startedRead the FAQs
Register by email and we'll send you an activation link straight away.
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