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Answers | Best Questions and Answers Forum Plugin for WordPress

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Download Answers | Best Questions and Answers Forum Plugin for WordPress
Use the best WordPress Forum plugin to build a community discussion forum or knowledge base. Users can post questions answers comments and vote on the best answers with this top-rated WordPress Question and answer plugin.
Includes multiple forums file attachments moderation notifications access control payment support beautiful interface and much more.

Demo Link : https://www.cminds.com/cm-answer-store-page-content/

Summary from Demo
Cminds >> WordPress Plugin >> Answers | Best Questions and Answers Forum Plugin for WordPress
Use the best WordPress Forum plugin to build a community discussion forum or knowledge base. Users can post questions answers comments and vote on the best answers with this top-rated WordPress Question and answer plugin.
Includes multiple forums file attachments moderation notifications access control payment support beautiful interface and much more.
Essential (Pro) Answers Plugin
Advanced (Pro Anonymous) Answers Plugin + 1 Add-on
Ultimate Answers Plugin + 6 Add-ons
Would you like to build a question and answer website with forums like Stack Overflow Yahoo Answers or Quora on WordPress? WordPress Questions and Answer is the best WordPress Questions and Answer plugin and gives you an easy way to build topic-specific discussion boards or knowledge base.
Users post answers to questions upload files comment on existing topics and vote for the best answers depending on their user access.
This WordPress forum plugin also shows user information associated if available such as the number of questions and answers.
@pparnham from WordPress.org: Sophisticated plugin with fantastic support - I for one am now sold on the idea that CM Answers is the most sophisticated option out there with a support team that truly goes the extra mile. Thank you.
The Q&A Forum plugin gives administrators significant control over actions performed on the forum by topic and user. The admin can moderate what questions can be asked which answers can be posted what topics or negative language can be limited. All with notifications and user-specific access restriction capabilities.
Monitor who posted questions when and on which categories. Display a table or graph and export the data.
The WordPress forum plugin lets the admin filter content customize the display of the forum in many ways and create multiple forums on the same site using specific categories.
@owp2012 from WordPress.org: Great customer support Great plugin! - I got fantastic customer service and great turnaround on a small issue that I had. Sorted quickly and professionally. Exactly within 24hrs as stated on the support page. Keep up the good work!
With this complete Question and Answer system users enjoy a wide spectrum of options such as multiple file uploads social media login user profiles private messages and user voting.
This way they will receive notifications for interesting updates.
This is ideal when creating a WordPress Support forum and makes tracking tickets easy.
The WordPress discussion plugin can be integrated with several other WordPress plugins including the MicroPayments Platform which adds a virtual currency layer to require users to pay when asking or answering questions.
Generate revenue by allowing only a selected group of users to interact in your forum.
The add-on supports PayPal Stripe and many more payment gateways via both EDD (Easy Digital Downloads) and WooCommerce.
Paul Douglas Developer Douglas Web Designs: Great Customer Service - Quickly replying to my emails with courteous and helpful replies led me to leave this review. The plugin also has a great amount of useful options to meet the needs of any Q&A forum.
We already have PO/MO files for many languages covering the plugin frontend interaction.
Supported languages include: Spanish Polish German Danish French Italian Russian Czech Dutch Portuguese Swedish.
We will be happy to assist building other PO/MO files upon user request.
Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.
Watch the video clips below to see each Q&A Forum Plugin feature in action or try them out yourself on our demo site!
For more in-depth descriptions visit our Video Tutorial Library or plugin User Guide.
Thread View
Questions List
Forum Tags
Multiple Attachments
Replace Post Comments Area
Private Posts
User Profiles and Dashboard
Multiple Forums
Logs and Statistics
Filter Words
Scriptr Forum
Drone Mapper
Answers Demo
Below are listed additional modules and addons which when installed together with the Answers plugin provides additional functionality
Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.
Yes. With CM Answers you can create any number of WordPress forums about any topic. It’s a complete WordPress Question and Answer plugin
Yes and not only. We have happy CM Answers customers using it in Technology Administration Productivity Media Improvement Community Idea building Social SEO Marketing Advertising Knowledge Privacy Support Audio Video Localization Languages Organization Advertising Monetization Payments Mobile Moderation Experience and Competition.
A forum is an online space where users can debate ideas in an organized fashion. A user may open a thread about a topic and others will reply it. There other names for it: Q&A message board and so on.
Use this WordPress Message Board plugin to attract more users! Invite them to engage with other participants and generate content related to your website.
Yes! CM Answers is a versatile WordPress tool that can work as a WordPress ask a question plugin. That way users can ask each other questions and discuss further.
Yes. Language files are located under the /lang directory in the plugin. You can take any existing .po file and change the non English description to your custom language. You can then use a po to mo converter like in here http://po2mo.net/ to create the mo file.
Here is an example of how the original English text and the translation look in the po file
forum localization with CM Answers can easily be done using the /lang directory in the plugin.
After creating these two files copy them to the language directory. You are also welcome to send them to us so we can include them in the plugin pack.
Both the Questions and the Answers pages are built with SEO in mind taking search engine indexing methods into consideration. If you are using a sitemap generator please make sure to include the custom post type questions before rebuilding the sitemap.
Yes. CM Answers sends email notifications in several levels:
1. Admin can set up email notifications in the plugin setting to receive alerts on new questions.
Setting up admin email notifications
2. Question authors can receive notifications for answers posted for their questions
The “Notify me of follow” metabox when posting a question onto the forum
3. Users who post answers can follow other answers
The “Notify me of follow” metabox when posting answers on the forum
No. This plugin does not have a live chat feature. Users can only send private message query< or ask questions to the professionals.
No. It does not have reCAPTCHA option.
There are two ways to customize the style and appearance of your Answers page.
One way is to create a template in a directory called CMA and place it under your theme folder. This directory will contain all the files copied from the plugin under views/front-end. You can edit single.phtml and index.phtml to make changes in the appearance of the question or answer pages.
The second and quicker way to do this is to locate the object on the page which you need to change and add its new definition into the custom css tab which is found in the plugin settings.
To locate elements right click on the element and in the browser menu look for Inspect Element (Chrome).
Inspect browser elements using google chrome
Copy element CSS code into the custom CSS tab in the plugin settings and change parameters to fit with your site’s look & feel
Certainly! Enabling Social media login makes it quicker and easier for your site visitors to post questions answers and comments onto your discussion forum. In addition posts by users who performed a social media login are more likely to be shared across those platform ultimately generating more exposure and traffic to your site.
Yes. You can download the free plugin versionhere. Note that the free forums software does not include all the features.
Among others:
WP Mayor: CM Answers plugin reviews by WP Mayor - CM Answers is the best way for managing all your user’s questions and answers with this easy to use website discussion forum plugin. With CM Answers you can start moderating discussions right away and have users login easily with their existing social media profiles. It’s so easy to use you’ll wonder why you haven’t done this already!.
WP Insite: CM Answers plugin reviews by WP Insite - Gone are the days of the simple bland style discussion board forums. CM Answers Pro is the new way to stylishly display your discussion boards.
WP Explorer: CM Answers plugin reviews by WP Explorer - CM Answers plugin integrates well with WordPress and gives both administrators and users a simple way to interact. Admins will find customizing the forum a simple process that can be modified on a whim. Users will find the end experience to be pleasant to look at and simple to contribute to.
Do you need additional functionality?
We can implement additional features change the interface and integrate external resources. Get in touch with us!

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