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This plugin enables easily changing prices of gold products based on their weigth/purity and the gold value.
You can also add a spread Charges and fees value.
Modified Sourcecode by me as per custom requirements for Gold Sites.
Calculation Formula : Product Weight * Today Gold Rate + (Product Weight*Spread Charges in Value)+ Making Charges(Fees) = Gold Product Selling Price
Added Snippets for Today's Gold price Spread Charges Making Charges product size Gross weight of Product Net weight of Product Gold Purity Etc. to Display on Front Store Per Product page
Install Snippets from Wordpress Repository and Import Provided Json Files you will get option in Product Edit page ( Tested on Latest Wordpress Version 5.7
Tested on woostify Phloxpro & Storefront Theme

If you want to build gold jewellary site thanping me i will do it at very nominal cost.
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