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Simple Custom CSS and JS PRO

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Download Simple Custom CSS and JS PRO Premium
As a WordPress web developer you definitely encountered at least one of the following situations:
Did you ever customize a plugin to fit the theme and you wanted to keep the customizations during theme and plugin updates?
Just quickly
Did you ever just want to try this quickly and you didn't feel like digging into the theme's files and then upload them with FTP?
Get Approval
Did you ever need to get your customer's or co-worker's approval for changes before you make the changes live?
Limit Pages
Did you ever want to add custom CSS or JS only on specific pages?

Demo Link : https://www.silkypress.com/simple-custom-css-js-pro/

Summary from Demo
By default the code is applied on the entire website. Use this feature to restrict the pages on which the code shows up. For example the settings from the left screenshot will apply the code on the entire website except on the pages with the URL containing the word category. You can add further constrains to match exactly the pages you want.
On multisite WordPress installations any custom CSS/JS/HTML code written in the main subsite can show up on all the other subsites if the Apply network wide option is enabled. The Simple Custom CSS and JS Pro plugin needs to be activated on all the subsites where you want the custom code to show up but the license key doesn't need to be activated on each of the subsites for this functionality to work.
Any custom HTML code can be placed in the page's header the footer or if given an id it can be used as a shortcode in a page/post or in a text widget. The shortcodes also accept variables so the same shortcode can be shown in several places on your website with slight modifications. In a multisite WordPress installation a shortcode defined in the main subsite with the Apply network wide option enabled can be used in any other subsite.
You can check how the website looks like before you save the code and apply the changes live. By clicking on the Preview Changes button a preview page will be opened in a new tab. The generated URL in the new tab can be shared with your co-workers or your customers so you can ask their opinion about the changes before making them live.
Keep a history of all the changes done to the CSS and JS codes along with the options the date and the user who has done the changes. You can compare any two individual revisions to see what was added what remained unchanged and what was removed.
Get professional with CSS by adding nested rules variables mixins selector inheritance mathematical or logical calculations ... If you already write in Sass or Less then you know the plentitude of advantages.
Reduce the size of your codes so your website stays sleak and loads fast. In a survey of ten top U.S. web sites minification achieves a 21% size reduction. (Noted in Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Web Site from Yahoo)
These are your codes
you can do whatever you want with them. If you want to reuse the code in another WordPress installation you can simply export the code along with all the metadata (options preview URL URL restrictions except the revisions).
Just what I needed! The site I am designing uses a theme that I have written a child theme that I have written and is modified by an essential plugin creating a new post-type that I had also written. I suddenly found that my new theme was not displaying the new post-type correctly. Now I clearly need to go away and edit my plugin. But I knew the CSS that I needed to get it to work yet didn't want to just drop it into the child theme because I need to re-use that child theme elsewhere as well. So I thought wouldn't it be great if someone had made a plugin that would just allow these 2 little bits of CSS to be dropped in! And someone has! You! Your plugin has got me out of a tight corner while I go away and reprogram my 'Creation Cache' plugin. Wonderful!
Top-Notch! We use this plugin all the time Custom CSS and JS is easy customizable simple to use and modify. It makes CSS custom code input a breeze and even some of my clients found it comfortable enough to modify themselves! I cannot recommend this plug enough - it also has robust controls and the ability to add CSS to the admin interface (invaluable!) and control where and how the CSS is added. This plugin is the #1 for Custom CSS and JS. This is a plugin we install in every new website. I've tried them all and this one is the best hands down.
Perfection! This is exactly what I have been looking for. For the last 2 years I have been dreaming about a plugin that does exactly what this plugin does. I can now add custom css OR js and itemize the code in separate files AND/OR choose where to apply them (front page admin area etc.) Just awesome guys! Thank you for such an amazing plugin!
Love it I love how u can manage different css codes without browsing through tons of code when u make a lot of changes

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Version 4.25.2
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